Econsult Corporation

1435 Walnut Street, Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 382-1894


For 33 years, Econsult Corporation has provided expert testimony, litigation support, and consulting services in many areas of economics and statistics. In 2011, Econsult and Fairmount Capital Advisors co-located as the Econsult/Fairmount Group. In 2013, Econsult Corporation formed Econsult Solutions, Inc., so its practice could be separated.  The three companies work independently in offering their services.







Led by President David Crawford, Academic Affiliate Janice Madden, Managing Principal Kathy Duffy, and Vice President Tabatha Lupinetti, Econsult Corporation is returning to its original focus of providing economic consulting services to law firms, corporation and government agencies in:

- Employment Litigation

- Class and Individual Discrimination

- Wage and hour claims

- Employment termination

- Personal injury and wrongful death

- Damage analysis

- Antitrust

- Intellectual property

- Securities and Finance

- Human resource management  



Led by Presidents Stephen P. Mullin, and Richard P. Voith, and Principals Peter A. Angelides and Lee Huang, Econsult Solutions Inc. will continue the practice developed since 2000, providing economic consulting, expert testimony, and litigation support in the areas of:

- Economic development

- Real estate

- Transportation

- Public policy and finance

- Project and program evaluation

- Spatial analytics and GIS Solutions  



Fairmount Capital Advisors is a financial advisory firm established in 1987 that has advised on financings for virtually every type of credit and transaction structure, and has provided a variety of financial services, including:

- Finance development and market strategies

- Capital planning and transaction management

- Financial terms negotiation

- Fair market pricing

- Investment of bond proceeds and working capital balances