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Class actions consolidate litigation when a large identifiable group of individual plaintiffs have similar claims. In these cases the Court must decide whether to "certify" a class and permit the class representatives to sue on behalf of everyone in the class. Class actions are brought in a wide range of areas including antitrust, employment discrimination, discrimination in consumer markets, securities, consumer fraud and torts. These cases often require sophisticated analyses of individual firm behavior and detailed analyses of large quantities of data.

Econsult has provided economic support, statistical analysis and testimony in class action litigation in a variety of areas. We assist our clients, which include plaintiffs, opt-outs and defendants with the following:

  • Evaluation of the Merits of a Complaint
  • Preliminary Analyses of Class Claims
  • Development of Damage Estimates
  • Assessment of Common Impact and the Ability to Assess Damages

Our experts have conducted studies and provided testimony on these issues in a variety of areas, and we have assisted in the evaluation of proposed settlements.