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Commercial Corridors: A Strategic Investment Framework for Philadelphia, March 2009

Econsult Corporation, commissioned by Local Initiatives Support Corporations, and in partnership with the City of Philadelphia, has examined commercial corridors in Philadelphia and produced a framework to help funders, the City, and other interested parties better understand the effectiveness of interventions for commercial corridor success. Our analysis combined extensive, locally unprecedented data gathering with thorough econometric analysis to investigate the drivers of commercial success for all 265 retail corridors in Philadelphia.

The study was generously funded by the William Penn Foundation. The report and related materials are presented in the following links and downloadable documents:
    Center City Proprietors meet-up with Community Developers (Weekly Press, May 28, 2009)
    Econsult Corporation’s Statement of Experience (SOE)

UPDATE: March 2010
    PRESS RELEASE - March 22, 2010
    Invitation and Registration Form, April 14, 2010 Workshop

Download Reports :
The project produced three reports. Click on any of the links to download the document.
    Executive Summary (249 KB)
    Main Report (7.58 MB)
    Appendices (10.1 MB)

In addition, the data that underlie the analysis in the reports are available in three formats:
Aggregated_Corridors_Data_Excel.xls (10.5 MB) - is an Excel file that includes all variables
       in three worksheets.

Text File
Aggregated_Corridors_Data_CSV.csv (4 MB) - contains all variables in a single table for
       use in Stata, SPSS, SAS and other statistical software. This file is too large to open in Excel but can
       be imported into other statistical software. A Companion file, the
Aggregated_Corridors_Data_Codebook.xls (125 KB) lists and describes the data in the tabular files
       and GIS shapefiles.

The five GIS Shapefiles, listed below, can be projected with GIS software to conduct further
       geographic analysis or create visuals  of corridor attributes:

Independent_Variables_I.shp (265 KB) Data are from a variety of sources and are
                          primarily for 2006, with some exceptions (see the Commercial Corridors Codebook).
 Independent_Variables_II.shp (223 KB) Data are from a variety of sources and are
                          primarily for 2006, with some exceptions (see the Commercial Corridors Codebook).

 Consumer_Choice.shp (90.5 KB) – Data are from a reed group/Econsult consumer
                          choice survey conduced in the Summer of 2007.

Real_Estate_Characteristics.shp (92.2 KB) – Data are from the Board of Revision of
                          Taxes for the years of 1995 and 2007.
Retail_Sales_Characteristics.shp (156 KB) – Data are from the City of Philadelphia
                          Department of Revenue for each year for the years of 1995 to 2005.