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Economic analysis of damages is usually a crucial feature of personal injury cases involving allegations of defective products, medical malpractice, traffic violations or unsafe conditions. An expert must examine the unique facts of each case in the context of actuarial and economic data to project losses of earnings, fringe benefits, personal maintenance and household services and life care cost projections.

Econsult principals are acknowledged experts in the analysis and projection of compensation based on relevant laws regarding personal maintenance, mitigating income, inflation and productivity trends, present value discounting and tax liabilities.

Our experts provide assistance at every stage in the litigation process. At the outset, we can help determine whether proposed damage claims are reasonable. In the early stages of a case, we can help form deposition strategy and help determine what kind of documents and which other expert witnesses may be necessary. Throughout the proceedings we can provide questions for cross-examination of opposing experts. When it is necessary, we provide highly qualified expert testimony. Our experts have dozens of years of experience in personal injury litigation and have testified in both federal and state courts.