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Litigation Support Summary
As competition accelerates and the rules of the game change, regulators, as well as firms in the energy and telecommunications businesses, must change their strategies. Incentive structures and market mechanisms must be adapted to achieve efficient outcomes. Of particular importance, firms must have appropriate incentives to invest in required infrastructure. Success in this environment requires considerable economic expertise and an understanding of the myriad of institutional considerations, which characterize these industries.

Econsult has assisted firms, commissions and customers to develop innovative strategies in these complex markets through a synthesis of economic knowledge, experience, data, and insight. Fresh and creative thinking are essential to map the paths an organization can and should pursue. Rigorous, fact-based analysis should be used to define and assess alternatives.

Our staff has performed economic evaluations of transition policies and policy responses and has provided testimony on a variety of these issues. Our services include:

   Auction Design
   Development of Incentive Regulation Mechanisms
   Market Power Assessments
   Forecasting and Market Analysis
   Financial and Economic Evaluations
   Development of Innovative Rate Structures
   Development of Time of Use Pricing Mechanisms
   Development of Statistical Models to Assess Consumer Choice