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Employment Disputes
Class Action Litigation
Discrimination Claims
Wage and Hour Claims
Termination Claims
HR Management/EEO Planning

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death
Lost Earnings & Fringe Benefits
Personal Maintenance
Lost Household Services
Lifecare Cost Projections

Other Expert Services
Damage Analysis
Intellectual Property
Securities and Finance

Econsult has provided expert analysis of issues of liability and damages arising in securities litigation including:

    Allegations of Chruning
    Unauthorized Trading
    Inappropriate Choices of Investment Assets

Our experts have conducted a variety of financial analyses in cases ranging from contract disputes to divorces including:

    Reduction to Present Value
    Valuation of Businesses or Assets

Our studies have helped establish the magnitudes of economic damages in disputes over contracts. We have analyzed the following:

    Cost Indexing Provisions in Long Term Contracts
    Appropriate Value of Transfer Prices